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Backing up WordPress

Off-site backups, scheduled and on-demand with foolproof restore.

Why should I back up my WordPress site?

Businesses and serious WordPress website owners should always be keen on backing up their websites; Data loss and downtime often mean money loss.

FalconStack solves this problem by setting up automated, scheduled backups that you can restore if something doesn't go as planned.

No more taking risks

One of the many advantages of FalconStack is that you can manually trigger backups and restore websites yourself via the dashboard. The idea behind this is that you can "save" your work before working on a more significant task, so you get peace of mind and can quickly go back in time if something goes wrong.

Feature details

  • Included in all plans.
  • Your site is backed up off-site (remote servers), this process does not impact speed or performance. Backups are incremental (only changed files and data are backed up).
  • As well as automated, scheduled backups, you can take manual backups at any time from your FalconStack dashboard.
  • One-click restore to any previous point in time.
  • If something goes wrong, we're always here to help. You can read more about our emergency support feature.
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