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The importance of website caching

Caching is arguably the best way to increase a website's performance. It results in significantly faster load times and decreases the load on the server. FalconStack will install a caching plugin (premium) on your website and configure it based on your current setup so everything is as fast as it can be.

Read below for more information about what we do to make your site faster.

About our performance feature

  • Included in all plans (additional fee - see pricing)
  • Enjoy the most efficent caching system for increased page loading speed, tailored to your site and optimized for WordPress
  • We use Varnish for all of our servers (web application accelerator also known as caching HTTP reverse proxy)
  • Image compression is done off-site so that there is no impact on your server/site speed. We compress all of your current images and any future image that you will upload in your WordPress backend
  • Your site's assets are minified and combined (CSS and JS files), making them lighter and reducing page size (also decreases the amount of single requests made to your server)
  • We can setup Cloudflare for you if you have visitors from all over the world. For more information about this, do not hesitate to reach us
  • Depending on your site setup, we are able to implement more features such as prefecthing and preloading
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