Staging site

Push, pull, repeat

Test your ideas on a clone site before you push them live.

What is a staging site?

And why your business needs one.

A staging site is a copy of your current site, with the purpose of testing changes and adding new content prior to pushing them to your live/production site.

This ensures that you see issues, typos and the like before your visitors do.

Push & pull

Move data and files in any direction.

The staging feature allows you to move data from your staging site to the live site or vice versa. This is particularly useful when you need to pull the latest changes from the live site before working on the staging site.

Partial transfers

Choose what gets transfered.

You can choose whether you want the database or the files to be transfered (or both). If your developer is working on the theme files for example, you will be able to only push the files live, leaving the database intact.

We are taking it a step further and currently implementing fine-grain control over which database tables are transfered when pushing or pulling.

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