Push, pull, repeat

WordPress staging site

Test your ideas on a clone site before you push them live.

What's a staging site?

A staging site is an identical copy of your current site to test changes and add new content before pushing them to your live/production site. This ensures that you see issues, typos and the like before your visitors do.

FalconStack vs. manual staging

Manually creating a staging site is done by cloning all your files and database to a new location, so you get an identical copy to work with. Each time you are ready to push changes to your live site, you will need to replace all changed files and update the database on the live site.

Although several plugins offer alternatives to this by helping sync the live and staging sites (requires plugin installation, learning curve, etc.), FalconStack has a staging environment built into it, included in all plans. You will be able to push and pull data between both staging and live sites without transferring files manually or entering a single line of code.

Transfers are made at the server level, so it is fast and reliable. Note that you can always back up your site before pushing significant changes live and restore it if anything goes wrong.

About our staging feature

  • Included in all plans
  • Once your website is up on FalconStack, we can make an identical staging version of it so you can get started right away (just ask us!)
  • When you are ready to go live we move the data from your staging site to the live site. We can also move data from your live site to the staging site (useful if you need to pull the latest changes from the live site before working on staging)
  • Partial transfers: Choose whether you want the database or the files to be transferred (or both). We can help you with this.
  • We are taking it a step further and currently implementing fine-grain control over which database tables are transferred when pushing or pulling
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