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What is FalconStack?

FalconStack is a WordPress site management/maintenance service that provides its customers with reliable hosting as well as a set of essential features that will allow you to run your website smoothly.

The company was created in 2020 and is now releasing its second version of the product: a unified dashboard that allows you to manage your sites remotely and use all of the FalconStack features from a single place.

By providing our services, we hope to make it easy for businesses and individuals to run a successful WordPress site without dealing with updates, downtime, backups, etc. We aim at providing our customers with an all-in-one solution that will empower their businesses in the long run.

The FalconStack team

FalconStack is a small team of WordPress experts, primarily based in Europe. It will grow with the needs of our customers to ensure short response times and high-quality technical support.

We have several technical partners for hosting and server operations with which we have a long-term relationship. Any task that requires working closely with our customers is always completed in-house. This is very important to us: none of the work is outsourced.

Products & users

FalconStack offers three different plans that you can see on our pricing page. We have customers in many parts of the world and some of them have been with us for more than a year already, running a smooth and fast WordPress site. Our customers are predominantly from the U.S but also the E.U. and other parts of the world.

We believe in the quality of our products and continuously work to improve existing features and add new ones.


FalconStack is a relatively recent company, we have done a lot to bring you an all-in-one site management tool, and there’s much more to come. Here are a few things we’d like to see added to the platform shortly:

  • Fine-grain control on database tables when pushing/pulling staging site
  • Automated WordPress site creation from the dashboard
  • Email hosting (we already offer this if needed by our customers, although it isn’t part of our plans for the moment)
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