Frequent updates

All up-to-date

Core, theme and plugin updates, benefit from the latest releases.

Keeping WordPress up-to-date

Theme and plugin authors often release new versions of their software. They do this to integrate new features into their products and fix bugs/issues from previous versions.

Your website must be up-to-date at all times to benefit from the latest security patches and keep it fast and bug-free.

Timely updates

Tens of years of WordPress experience have given us the ability to differentiate simple patches from breaking updates quickly. We regularly update your website (several times a week), and a FalconStack agent performs all updates. We do not automate updates so that we can detect issues faster.

Feature details

  • Starting from the Autopilot plan.
  • We keep your site up-to-date in the safest way possible, always ready to rollback if anything happens after an update.
  • Core, theme and plugin updates are performed by humans, which makes it easier to identify possible issues.
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