Improved security

Safe & secure

Round the clock bot protection, traffic monitoring, SSL certificate.

Protection at the server level

FalconStack protects your site against traffic congestion caused by malicious bots, brute force login and Denial-of-Service attacks (DDoS attacks saturate your site by generating a considerable amount of traffic from different sources around the world).

Audit & advice

We work closely with you to ensure security best practices are in place and that your online reputation stays intact. We have a security checklist that we go through for every new website hosted with us.

About our security feature

  • Included in all plans
  • Protection against DDoS attacks at the server level
  • Reduction of traffic congestion caused by malicious bots and brute force login
  • Rate-limiting to deal with brute-force login for SSH/sFTP access to your server
  • Any site hosted with us is secured with an SSL certificate; this is the first thing we do after moving your site to our servers
  • When moving your site to FalconStack and in the future, we will look for ways to improve its security by taking specific measures when necessary (ask you to change username/password, install/remove plugins and so on)
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